Welcome to PinballX. A Digital Pinball Front End. 

PinballX is a free digital pinball front end designed for digital pinball cabinets developed by the author of GameEx.  It is compatible with HyperPin media and databases. Credit to Bill E for creating the first digital pinball front end publicy available HyperPin. PinballX would not have been possible without it or at the very least where it is now.

PinballX is currently a new project created at the end of May 2013 and is in active development.

Download PinballX here Current version 1.78.

For support, and to get involved please head over to the PinballX forum.

Video codecs are a requirement. Shark Codecs are the recommended solution and you can download a version known to be stable with the adware removed here.

To add your tables use the included game list manager.

PinballX will benefit from a multi core CPU and a quad core is recommended if using multiple displays.

PinballX includes high score features thanks to PINemHi by Dna Disturber.





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Got everything working... almost.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Hello everyone,


I have installed pinballx on my pincab and manage to get everything working however...

When I start Pinballx everything is working fine, the table videos and DMD videos (not using backglass videos yet).

I can select and start tables using VP and FP and for vp I have tables using the 9.2 version and the DX9 version.

everything is working great but,

when I exit a table and come back to the front end, the DMD video is not showing anymore and the attract mode is not working anymore, which is pretty annoying because the attract mode allows to prevent image burn in on my monitors, so I cannot let run Pinballx and have to revert to Hyperpin.


The only thing I have been able to see is that if I press Alt+Tab, Pinballx minimises, alt+tab again pinballx comes back with the DMD video but still no attract mode.


I run on Windows 7


Anybody with an idea how to fix it...

1.78 Tried, but so far, no cigar...

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Although I posted in another thread, I thought it might be a better idea to start a new thread.
In short : She won't run :)
In long : I can't get it to work :P
I decided to give PinballX a chance as it looks better supported and is still under development.
I'm on WinXP SP3 in my cab. Sufficient memory and she usually purrs like a kitten and runs everything I throw at her.
Followed the tutorial down to the letter.
Only thing I did different was installing another version of the Shark Codecs.
I had to, because the one that is linked to in the tutorial is for win7 and 8 only.
The error in the log looks like this :



My configuration looks like this :



I tried to run in desktop mode, single screen mode, updated Flash etc.

There is no option to run things as administrator in XP.

I'd love a push in the correct direction on how to get this working.

Re-installing XP is not an option. My cab is working perfectly after tweaking it till the bone.


Perhaps there are some dependent services not running, but I don't know which ones would need to be started.

If you need other info, I'd be happy to supply.


Thanks in advance for helping me out.

Joystick causes PinballX directx crash to windows

Friday, April 11, 2014

I have spent about 30 hours testing and trouble shooting possible causes for this problem and can't find any user solutions.  I am attaching my log and configuration file.  


The problem is this:  when my Gravis Gamepad Pro is plugged into my USB port, exiting a table or game does not return me to PinballX but instead crashes to windows with a  directx error logged.  This crash to windows will occur for every system (VP, FP, Mame, and all other personal additions).  When the game pad is unplugged, the problem goes away.   This problem is not exclusive to just version 1.78.   I run PinballX on Windows XP SP3 in a pincab with an IPAC board connected and keyboard (just added the gamepad as well).  



Recently I installed Mame so I wanted a game controller that would be useful for this and the game pad works fine for Mame as long as I am not running it in PinballX.   


Here are a list of tests I have run and none of these options worked:


1. Unplugged my IPAC board to see if multiple devices cause a conflict.

2. Disabled all plugins and personal scripts.

3. Ran PinballX with and without Xpadder operational.

4. Reinstalled all software including the latest Directx version for XP

5. Temporarily ran a virus scan to make sure I have no viruses.  No virus software is permanently installed to disrupt gaming.

7. Tested the problem with version 1.73 and got same results.


The Gravis Gamepad Pro is just a joystick device.    I have to use the "ESC" button on my pincab no matter what.  FP demands this and VP sees "ESC" as a "Q" in its key assignments.  "ESC" is fixed in FP and it can not be changed.


Within the PinballX settings, if I assign "Q" to exit an emulator, pressing the "ESC" button on my pincab while running a VP table causes the mini VP "Paused" window to pop up with options to "Resume Game", "Debug Window", or "Quit to Editor".   This is unacceptable because now, I can't get back to PinballX unless I quit to the editor and use my mouse to close VP and then click back on PinballX on the taskbar.   This means the setting for exiting the emulator in PinballX has to be "ESC" as well and not "Q". 


So the question is this:   With a joystick device attached and considering I am exiting a program, why does the joystick disrupt PinballX and cause a crash to windows?  



Attached Files

No audio when pinballx run as administrator

Thursday, April 10, 2014

XP sp3 system. If I run pinballx as administrator there is no sound in the pinballx table selection menu as well no audio when playing the table. Switch back to running pinballx with normal privileges and all audio is back..


Anyone seen this before?






PinballX was developed by Spesoft and Headsoft